core os

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Painless Updating

On CoreOS, the root partition you are running against isn’t modified and your server is never in an unstable or partially upgraded state. To finish off the upgrade, reboot the machine and in a few seconds you will start running on root B with a freshly updated system.

Docker Containers

docker is an open-source project that makes creating and managing Linux containers really easy. Containers are like extremely lightweight VMs – they allow code to run in isolation from other containers but safely share the machine’s resources, all without the overhead of a hypervisor.

Ar tik man cia kaip neekspertui pasirode kad pagaliau i linux ateina programos kurios atsinesa savo bibliotekas/dependance kartu, bei restartai po updeitu --- viskas kaip ir windowsuose

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ar čia tik ne po systemd tie restartai prasidėjo?

CoreOS is deeply integrated with systemd.

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@La1kas rašė:
ar čia tik ne po systemd tie restartai prasidėjo?