How to Beat with a No Skill Deck in Clash Royale

Master Royale
  • 25 Lap '22

We have gathered to talk to you about the Clash Royale no-skill deck, another brand-new deck in the game that offers a variety of play styles to fit it. Say what? Yes, it is the no-skill deck, which surprisingly enables you to defeat top competitors.

Every deck has a variety of units that you must utilize with the appropriate tactics at the right moments if you want to avoid losing the game and handing your opponent all three crowns.

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As a result, each unit in this Clash Royale no-skill deck is different, and you should consider the circumstances before utilizing any units on the battlefield. As a result, this article will teach you how to play Clash Royale successfully while using the no-skill deck.

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Clash Royale No Skill Deck against Bait with Tesla Deck

You can see that your opponent utilizes the Goblin Barrel to attack your tower when the game begins, but you can use the Tornado to make them disappear. Then the adversary employs the Princess to snipe your tower, and you can utilize the Bomber to block the Princess's strikes.

When your adversary sends you the Guards along with the Princess, you can use your Bomber to stop each of them swiftly. Once more, you should dispatch two Electro Giants in different directions to harm the opposing tower while demolishing its Tesla tower.

However, your adversary utilizes the Princess and Valkyrie to obstruct each Electro Giant's route. To deal with Princess, you must employ a bomber, and to deal with Valkyrie, a mini-Pekka.

You need constantly call your Electro Giants into the field and do damage to the enemy towers on both sides, even if your opponent manages to kill them. While using this Clash Royale no-skill deck, you will quickly win by taking off the opponent's towers.

Clash Royale No Skill Deck against Mega Knight Deck

Here, you have the option of starting your match with the Skeletons. He will then employ the Fireball as his initial bait, but fortunately, Skeletons are quicker than the Fireball. Additionally, constantly keep an Elixir Collector in your area to acquire more Elixir for the game.

He attacks your tower with the Barbarian as the following unit, but you can eliminate him by utilizing the Mini Pekka and the Bomber. He uses the Electro Wizard to block your Mini Pekka's path to the enemy tower, but you can use the Tornado to draw him toward you, where the Mini Pekka will kill him.

He calls the Mega Knight to vanish the Mini Pekka and severely harm your tower. The Mega Knight's focus can be altered here using the Electro Giant, and your building is currently safe. An Inferno Dragon later kills the Electro Giant. Nevertheless, you may defeat the Mega Knight and the Inferno Dragon using another Electro Giant.

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However, since your adversary uses the Electro Wizard, you can help the Electro Giant by eliminating all the troublesome adversary units using the Tornado, Mini Pekka, and Bomber. You can finally peacefully take down the enemy tower once all the enemy units have been dealt with.

Clash Royale No Skill Deck against ValkBalloon Freeze Deck

In this game, your adversary will initially dump a Skeleton Barrel on your tower before being swiftly eliminated by a bomber carrying Mini Pekka. The next step is to send an Electro Giant and a Bomber to the opposing tower.

The Electro Giant and the Bomber are abruptly killed by your adversary using the Valkyrie. Even though the Valkyrie has some strength, a large group of bats can quickly dispel the Valkyrie. Your adversary uses balloons as the next bait in this battle, and you can employ a tornado to shift the balloon's course and stop it from harming.

One of your Electro Giants has destroyed an enemy tower when it continuously inflicts damage on your tower while employing balloons with the Freeze option.

Once more, it would help if you kept sending more Electro Giants to the opposing towers to destroy them, but the opposition sends a Wizard to stop the Electro Giants. However, you can dispatch numerous Electro Giants to take out the other tower, demonstrating that the Clash Royale no-skill deck has the most amusing strategies for winning.

Clash Royale No Skill Deck against Lava Miner Poison Cage Deck

So, another Clash Royale no-skill deck round has begun. The opponent can send the Barbarian to assault your tower after you send Mini Pekka to attack their goblin cage.

Then when he attacks your tower with the Baby Dragons and Elite Barbarian, you can deal with them by using your Electro Giant, Bats, and Bomber. However, he will use poison to stop the Electro Giant from assaulting the tower.

The next unit sent by the enemy is the Miner, who the King Tower may defeat. After that, he sends the Lava Hound, which you must beat with the Electro Giant. Then you should send Mini Pekka and the Bomber from Electro Giant to deal with the Elite Barbarian and Goblin Cage before bringing down the enemy tower.

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Clash Royale No Skill Deck against Skeleton King Golem Beatdown Deck

The Mini Pekka and Electro Giant should be used to combat the Skeleton King and Baby Dragon that your opponent sends your way in this game. The opponent also possesses the Tombstone, which summons many Skeletons at once. You can take down the Enemy Tower after destroying the Tombstone with an Electro Giant.

You can use a tornado to defeat your opponent's Golem with Bats on the other side, but he then sends more Skeletons with the Skeleton King, which can also destroy one of your towers.

Alternatively, if your opponent sends you a Golem with Bats, you can utilize the Mini Pekka to deal with them by using a Tornado to push them back.

Additionally, he utilizes the Tornado to remove them, Tombstone to divert them, the Skeleton King and the Baby Dragon to eliminate the Electro Giants when you keep sending them to destroy the opponent tower. No matter the circumstances, the Electro Giants can beat the opponent tower.


You learned about the Clash Royale no-skill deck in this guide, which is another brand-new deck. You not only learned about the deck but also how to make effective use of the units in it to win games with minimal confusion.