Guide to Afk Arena Gold Rush in 2023 [Updated]

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The classic RPG game has launched the afk arena gold rush event, which includes minigames and rewards. Please read to get insight into the event & the rules.

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Do you love playing classic RPG games? Then Afk Arena could be one of the favorite games on your list. Recently, the 'Voyage of Wanders' event has been introduced, which has created a super craze among the worldwide Afk Arena fans.

The event has been considered an exciting and engaging part that makes this classic RPG game more addictive and famous. Let's know in-depth about the Afk Arena Gold Rush and events rules.

All about Afk Arena

It can be classified as a classic RPG game based on the turn, with a dozen of the latest modes to keep gamers battling.

Even the battle will continue when gamers log off of the game. It is currently compatible with ios and Android platforms and can be installed from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

After launching, the game has stolen the hearts of video game enthusiasts. However, the recent addition of the 'Voyage of Wanders' event has created another appealing factor to play the game frequently.

What is the Afk Arena Gold Rush?

According to several sources, the event includes tricky puzzle games and rewards for discovering new and different maps.

The gold rush event started on 20th September 2021 and will continue to run for 14 days, and the event will be closed for two weeks before getting further reopened.

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You can relate its gameplay with Peaks of Time,' where you will get tons of minigames while moving forward on the map, such as mini puzzles, fighting with enemies, and obtaining relics. Eventually, you will be rewarded with fantastic prizes.

AFK Arena Gold Rush- Event Rules

Below the rules have been explained that you should follow while playing the event. Discover the whole new world and acquire the rewards when the event occurs.

The energy levels and health will be reset for each gaming character (protagonist and antagonist) after the conclusion of each battle. The attacker's hero will be gone after the war timer runs out.

Characters (hero and enemies) to their original model.

The enemy's strength depends on the players' strength in Afk Arena Gold Rush. The strength level of the antagonist won't change after starting the event. You may collect rewards one time on every occasion.

Players' Experience of This Event

The game has already got colossal recognition Worldwide. Players are all commenting and discussing its gameplay. From the different sources, especially from Reddit, we observed that players showed mixed reactions.

Some have praised the rewards prize and said the game plot is stunning, whereas some have mentioned there are no gold rewards though the event name is a gold rush.

Gold Rush General & Rewards

Rowan is getting robbed by a thief that looks like Wizz. The thief will always use the optimal path towards the next Gold, so you need to tactically interrupt him and hit him with fireballs to get the Golden Chests from him until you have the final Crystal Chest.

We enjoyed it and had a lot of fun doing Gold Rush. The main reward is the same as the past realms offered, that’s 10x Stargazing Cards.

In the choice chests, you can choose between boosters for dust, Gold, or exp—some coins for furniture, engravings, and 60x Epic Soulstones for one epic hero card.

I think it’s alright, looking at the difficulty level of the Gold Rush. Important! Don’t miss out on the latest gift codes in AK Arena, and check back to my frequently updated list of active codes here.

Final Word

The Gold Rush has already started, and now you can quickly join in collecting awesome rewards. However, follow the Afk Arena Gold Rush rule, as it will help you win against enemies easily. Do you need to know more about it? Please specify in the comment section.