Use Instagram's "Add Yours Sticker" Features in Marketing

Add Yours’ Instagram Sticker
  • 20 Vas '23

A new interactive sticker feature for Instagram stories called "Instagram add yours sticker" enables users to link together many accounts. When a person adds this sticker to their level, other users can add their content to the sticker, creating a collaborative album of stories or a virtual thread.

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It can launch related trends, challenges, projects, and ideas. Want to use Instagram Reels to increase engagement? How does the Add your sticker on Instagram function?

Learn how to use Instagram Add yours sticker in reels in this post, where you'll also find ways to use it to engage your audience, increase brand awareness, generate trends, and more for marketing.

What is the Add Yours Sticker for Instagram Reels?

You may use the interactive Add your sticker with Instagram Reels. You may have seen the Add Yours sticker that Instagram introduced for Stories in the fall of 2021.

The Add your sticker Instagram for Reels is comparable with one significant exception. The Reels variant of the Add Yours sticker allows users to contribute reels on a particular theme rather than encouraging them to write stories.

You are right if you think the Add Yours sticker is a fantastic tool for raising brand recognition and attracting customers. By placing this sticker on your Reels, you may increase brand awareness, engage your audience, and initiate trends.

Anyone can view the page by clicking the sticker on the original reel, including the team representing your company. The sticker page links to your business page or profile and acknowledges your account as the original developer.

Also, users' public reels in response to your prompt are shown on the sticker page. From the sticker page, tap any reels to watch and interact with them. A few comments might not be accessible due to the sticker page's total count, possibly including private or archived reels.

How to Use Instagram Add Yours Sticker for Reels in Your Marketing?

You're thinking about how to use this content in your marketing efforts now that you know how to add stickers to your reels. Let's examine a few usage examples.

1 - Start Conversations Using the Add Yours Sticker in Reels

Does your Instagram account seem less like a social area and more like a broadcast channel? With the Add Yours sticker, you can easily engage your audience in dialogue, which will help you forge closer bonds with your followers.

Keep the topic light and the prompt simple to ensure maximum participation. You can constantly develop more sophisticated prompts that entice devoted clients after testing the tool and get consistent engagement.

Do you need ideas for the Add Yours prompt? The first prompt you see doesn't appeal to you. If you're stuck for ideas, Meta can offer some. To get a random Add Yours prompt, roll the dice. Continue rolling the dice until you get an appropriate prompt for your audience.

If your prompt is skillful, you might get contributions from people outside your usual audience. Anyone can contribute a reel to the thread by tapping the Add Yours prompt at the bottom of the sticker page.

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2 - Boost Brand Awareness Using the Add Yours Sticker in Reels

Do you want to get a new product on your audience's attention or introduce your brand to more potential customers? Encourage customers to provide material that highlights your business or product by including a "Add Yours" prompt.

Reels from your clients will automatically show up on their profiles, allowing their followers to see the material and learn about your business. Tap for followers to visit your profile and discover more about your business.

Encourage brand advocates or other devoted customers to participate in these brand awareness campaigns. In this manner, it is possible to raise visibility without the need for costly brand awareness efforts.

3 - Attract More Followers Using the Add Yours Sticker in Reels

Results may go beyond awareness and discovery. The Add your sticker might assist you in expanding your audience and gaining new followers.

Add your sticker links to your profile at the top of the sticker page, immediately crediting your account for your favorite threads. The more users you direct to the sticker page, the more opportunities you give them to visit and follow your profile.

4 - Collect User-Generated Content Using the Add Yours Sticker in Reels

User-generated content (UGC) and other forms of social proof can be tremendously powerful conversion tools. With the Add your sticker, it's simple to encourage UGC to promote your company, its goods, or its services legitimately.

You may ask clients to recommend the products they use the most or return to the most. To help new prospects develop use cases for your products, you can also encourage consumers to share how they utilize them.

Customers can share their answers to Stories if they mention your account, giving you more visibility. To obtain permission to repost their reels to your account, you may also personally get in touch with the original creators.

Remember that you must obtain the video file from the creator and that you might need to remove the watermark before reposting. Also, it would help if you gave the original creator credit by mentioning them in the caption or the reel itself.


Consider different possibilities to expand your audience and achieve more significant outcomes. For instance, you may share your reel to Stories to reach more followers.

The Add your sticker from Meta is a fantastic choice if you want to interact with your brand's audience. Use the above workflows and ideas to add this interactive sticker to your Facebook and Instagram reels and experiment with different approaches to achieving your marketing objectives.